Heliocare Ultra Capsules 30caps

Heliocare Ultra Capsules 30caps

In Clinics Only

Capsules with high content in Fernblock®, which increase the skin’s resistance to the sun from the first capsule as well as neutralise and repair sun damage. Homogeneous protection is achieved in combination with topical photoprotection, for hard-to-reach areas (scalp, eyes, ears, etc). Its complete formula includes vitamins D, C and E, lutein and lycopene. Gluten-free.

480 mg Fernblock®, 5 mcg Vitamin D, 2 mg Lutein, 20 mg Vitamin C, 3 mg Vitamin E, 1 mg Lycopene

Sun damage repair.
Effective from the first administration.

Take 1 capsule daily before sun exposure.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.