Coverderm Perfect Classic Jar 15ml

Coverderm Perfect Classic Jar 15ml

In Clinics Only

Classic is the only make-up that perfectly conceals major skin imperfections such as birthmarks, psoriasis, ichtyosis, burns, moles, dark marks, post-operative or other scars and bruises, intense rosacea and tatoos.

Maximum coverage:
It covers even the most intense discoloration and ideally evens out irregular skin surfaces like scars and burns.

Maximum protection:
It has a n SPF30 with natural filters that inhibit UVA and UVB sun radiation to penetrate the epidermis.

Ideal for skin imperfection & discoloration such s Angiomas, burns and even scars:
•No water formula
•Does not clog pores
•Easily applied
•Natural filters
•Suitable for all skin types

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Apply the make-up with your fingertip or with a sponge, tapping gently with small and quick movements for perfect application. Blend over the rest of your face to smooth out any lines on the edges.