Manila Bulletin: Why this French wellness brand is worth checking out

We’re slowly getting back to normal, but that doesn’t mean we take things for granted, especially when it comes to our health. It is important to be mindful of what we do, and to keep ourselves in good health. 

One thing that many of us realized is the importance of how consumer choices affect the world we live in. Ingredients should not only be good for us, but also good for the earth. This means that they should be sustainable, ethical, and responsible. 

It started with Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni in France in the year 2005. This is when they decided to pursue their passion for aromatherapy by harnessing natural active ingredients and manufacturing ready-to-use products. With three essential values—natural, commitment, and effectiveness—to guide them in this new venture, all-natural remedies are now made accessible. 

Their products are backed by research and science. Working with botanists, engineers, aromatherapy, toxicology specialists, doctors, and pharmacists, Puressentiel offers innovative formulas that are effective and simple and safe to use. 

Puressentiel products.JPG

Since then, they have produced over 280 products that relieve everyday ailments, even neutralizing indoor air, managing respiratory wellbeing, and aiding proper and good sleep. To make sure that they are indeed safe and effective, the products have been through over 500 clinical studies and tests.

It can be overwhelming to choose which products to try first, so here are some suggestions for your first purchase: Purifying Air Spray, Muscles & Joints Pure Heat Roller, Respiratory Throat Spray, Gentle Cleansing Gel. 

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DMark Beauty also believes in this, which is why they brought in Puressentiel from France. “At DMark Beauty, we believe in constantly strengthening and evolving our Global Beauty expertise. We do this by searching for and serving the best beauty products from all around the world. That’s why we’ve chosen Puressentiel - Europe’s leading brand of quality aromatherapy products and to answer a pressing need for accessible, all-natural remedies in the local market,” says founder and CEO of DMark Beauty Nikki Tang.

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