The Manila Times: Women Making Change for Women Women's Forum 2023

While women deserve to enjoy the world's admiration and appreciation for their important and immeasurable contributions to society every March, they should also remember that Women's Month is a call to action among them first of all. For throughout history, in assessing the enormous strides the world has taken toward women's rights, what is clear is that these victories became possible not only because society came around but because women helped women at the outset.

On Tuesday, The Manila Times zeroed in on this potent phenomenon of "women empowering women" for its annual Women's Month forum. Returning to the in-person format following the long pandemic, the event saw a full house of women entrepreneurs, CEOs and achievers enjoying a long ladies' lunch filled with laughter, camaraderie and inspiration. Held at Seda Residences in Makati City, five outstanding ladies from varied professions passionately shared their success stories and continuing advocacies, all involving and dedicated to the advancement of fellow females while actively fulfilling social responsibilities and participating in nation-building.


These are women who have made lasting and much-needed change for a great many women and vow to keep going for many more.


Today, The Sunday Times Magazine shares inspiring snippets from the five keynote addresses of the "Women Making Change for Women" forum in its continued Women's Month 2023 cover series.