Basic Skin care


The skin is the body’s largest, hardest-working organ. It requires proper care and attention to stay healthy and youthful! Caring for your face is particularly important because it’s what you makes you unique and recognizable to peers and loved ones. To keep it clean and blemish-free, follow a daily skin care routine. Your dermatologist can help you customize a regimen but you can also opt to develop it on your own by following these three basic steps.

1. Cleanse
Oil, sweat and dirt accumulate on your face every day. If not removed, these can block your pores and cause blackheads, whiteheads and acne. Keep them from building up and irritating your skin by using Sebamed Clear Face Anti-Bacterial Cleansing Foam. It gently removes excesses oil and grime from your pores, killing any pimple-causing germs on its way out.

2. Tone
Toners keep your face clear and bright as it removes any remaining impurity on your skin. The Try the Sebamed Clear Face Deep Cleansing Facial Toner since it has oil control properties and contributes to a more gorgeous complexion. It also soothes the skin and contains panthenol to encourage skin regeneration.

3. Moisturize
Proper hydration is important for keeping skin healthy. Sebamed Moisturizing Cream binds moisture in the skin while also preventing the formation of lines and wrinkles. It has hight vitamin E content and is dermatologically tested to protect the skin from free radicals which are produced in the skin through damaging external influences and trigger premature skin aging. Regular use of Sebamed Moisturizing Cream leaves the skin soft and supple. 

So there you go! With these three basic steps, you should be on your way to beautiful skin. Just remember to stick to your routine to see the positive effects faster and longer.

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