The advent of PAINLESS TEOSYAL PEN with American board-certified Dr. Hassan Galadari during the 3rd International TOEXANE EXPERT DAY.

Shakespeare once said: "Teach not thy lip such scorn, for it was made for kissing, lady, not for such contempt."

The lips are perhaps the most striking feature on the face. For some, it defeats the eyes in the cultivation of a definition of beauty. Since, unlike the eyes, the lips do not just have one main function. We use our lips to speak, to eat and most importantly to convey our emotions and feelings between two individuals when we kiss. The allure of the lips has been present since antiquity, when Sumerians beautified their lips more than 5000 years ago, with the Egyptians making it even more popular, and then with Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor bringing it back the magic of the dark, well-defined lips. This not only cemented the lips as an object of beauty, but also dawned an era of sexuality. During recent years, the field of soft tissue augmentation has seen a boom in materials used and innovations in technique. The lips are an important part of the body where such beautification has been sought. 

People look into creating natural tones of them and at times even emulate famous individuals. Not only had there been advancement in the actual material that as been used, but also the technique for which that material is injected. In the quest for natural beauty it is only fair that a PAINLESS procedure need be followed. With Teosyal Pen, that may be achieved. When used in the lips, there is a much better end result, less pain and more patient satisfaction.


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