Philstar: DMARK Beauty introduces new go-to brand for health essentials

Puressentiel Philippines

DMARK Beauty Corporation, led by its inspiring and hardworking CEO, beauty-preneur Nikki Tang, is at the forefront of introducing exceptional beauty product brands to the Philippine shores. The company believes that physical health, mental wellness, and sustainable products with pleasant textures and scents are key to beauty and overall wellbeing, and that’s where the new brand Puressentiel shines.

“At DMARK Beauty, we believe in constantly strengthening and evolving our global beauty expertise,” Nikki explains. “We do this by searching for and serving the best beauty products from all around the world. That’s why we’ve chosen Puressentiel, Europe’s leading brand of quality aromatherapy products, in neutralizing indoor air, taking care of joints and muscles, and managing respiratory wellbeing and sleep to answer a pressing need for accessible, all-natural remedies in the local market.”