Philippine Star : A Skin-saving technology


Celebrated “beautypreneur” and DMARK Beauty and DermAsia Corporation CEO Nikki Tang is always on the lookout for the most up-to-the minute and state-of-the-art technology that can protect and beautify the skin of consumers all over the globe.

Dmark Beauty Corporation and DermAsia Corporation,led by their CEO,hardworking  beautypreneur Nikki Tang , recently joined the 175th scientific event of the Philippine Association of  Primary Skin Health Physicians Inc., (PAPSHPI) on the Bioderma SOS Spray,which can offer immediate relief for itching in 60 seconds.

Held virtually, the special event was entitled,” Ïtch No More:The Skin Relief Technology.” Leading the informative event was PAPSHPI’s well-known key opinion leader and celebrated mentor Dr.Maica Gavez-Vergara and it was attended by the officers and members.

DMARK Beauty was invited to present the whole range of Bioderma that caters to all types of skin needs,from sensitive skin,acne-prone, pre- and post-creams, and many others.