Women empowerment is an ever growing, ever evolving process that we must continue fighting for - not just for ourselves, but for future generations to come. It was a privilege for Ms. Nikki Tang, CEO of DMark Beauty to be a part of of the Forum “Women Next: Accelerating Tomorrow to Now - Never Underestimate your Will to Rise”, which was organized by the Women Empowerment Committee of the Management Association of the Philippines, or M.A.P., and the Filipina CEO Circle, FCC.

Ms. Nikki Tang shares, “With my track forum ‘Executive Presence: Life Beyond the bag’, this event filled my heart with hope and positivity knowing that I am definitely not alone in this journey towards social transformation and maximizing the potential of every Filipina. May these organizations, and the women involved in the event, continue to be inspired by this cause and encourage more people to share this advocacy as well.”