Ahead of the Beauty Pack as featured in Tatler Philippines

Despite the changes brought about by the pandemic, Nikki Tang, CEO of DMark Beauty Corporation and DermAsia, remains optimistic about the brand’s continued lead in world-class beauty solutions


In the past three decades, the science and practice of dermatology and cosmetic surgery have evolved into an industry that always enables men and women look and feel their best. Through all the non-invasive procedures, preventive solutions for all skin types, revolutionary methods for restoring and rejuvenating ageing skin, one company has stood at the forefront of the industry here in the Philippines: DMark Beauty Corporation and DermAsia. For nearly two decades, under the sibling team of CEO Nikki Tang and managing director Charles Mandy. DMark Beauty & DermAsia has made a name for itself as one of the country’s leading purveyors of high quality dermatological solutions and methodologies from some of the world’s foremost names in skin care and aesthetic surgery.

It is interesting to note that, despite the proliferation of other aesthetic centres, beauty brands and distribution channels. the company remains a force to be reckoned with in the industry. As Nikki herself puts it, it’s all about having a clear and straightforward vision, as well as a highly personal approach to dealing with clients and other stakeholders.

Innovative Skin Care Solutions

“What sets us apart from others is our clear and consistent vision.” Nikki explains how DMark Beauty & DermAsia has retained its lead in the industry. “We have personalised our approach [with our medical clientele and customers] based on the family business values instilled in us.”

She adds that constant communication with both doctors and end-users has enabled the company to discern areas for improvement regarding products and services. This unique approach has enabled the company to bring in several innovative skin care lines to the Philippine market, which address different skin problems and deliver on the promise of healthier and better-looking skin.

DMark Beauty & DermAsia’s anti-ageing offerings include several products considered as the gold standard in the field. Endocare Expert Drops Depigmenting Protocol, a two-serum skin care regimen, features two expertly blended formula geared towards strengthening the skin barrier to withstand pollution and other environmental contaminants; and reduces the production of melanin, resulting in fresher and fairer skin.

Teosyal Redensity 2 is a unique dermal filler featuring crosslinked and non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid and a l4-nutrient melange that includes revivifying amino acids, antioxidants, and Vitamin B6. It helps repair the impact of stress on the skin beneath one’s eyes, giving the user a brighter, younger look.

Photoprotection against harsh sunlight, a concern in these days of global warming, has resulted into another key product line for DMark Beauty & DermAsia, Heliocare 360-degree Pigment Solution Fluid. More than just another sunscreen, it can be used on all skin types to prevent sun damage that may result in hyper-pigmentation and sunspots. More complete than any other sun protection product, it protects against four types of harmful radiation (UVR, UVA. VL and IRA) as well as the blue light many are exposed to via computers and mobile devices.

Then there are the high-precision Alma-Q lasers for skin remodeling and the removal of pigmented lesions and other blemishes, as well as Regenera, an innovative hair growth and restoration solution for men and women of a certain age.

Staying Resilient and Relevant

It is no secret that 2020 was an incredibly difficult year as restrictions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 hampered people’s movements and prevented many from going to beauty clinics and aesthetic centres. As a result, dermatology, along with other medical disciplines, took quite a blow. Yet, DermAsia continues to be a driving force in the industry—mostly due to Nikki’s foresight regarding the necessary adjustments to the New Normal.

“I have to admit that making quick decisions on operational set-up, agile changes of staff roles and priorities are so challenging.” she says of the sudden changes that had to be put in place because of the pandemic. “I have seen that it pays to he flexible in these [unusual] times by being open to controlling costs, pivoting to digital technology for more visibility and employing more practical means to stay ahead of the curve.”

Staying ahead of that curve called for adapting to new ways of doing things: advising medical clients to take precautions in both the diagnostic and treatment rooms; meeting with clients on virtual platforms rather than in person; and managing teams from a distance.

But despite these adjustments, DMark Beauty & Derm Asia has not changed its personal approach to dealing with clients and stakeholders. Staying in touch, even just online, has enabled the company to continue dealing with world leaders in dermatology and aesthetic medicine companies and staying abreast of fresh innovations in the beauty industry. Rut Nikki is not one to simply rest on her company’s laurels.

“In 2021, our customers can expect more innovative methods, cutting-edge products and procedures to address their needs.” she says of what’s currently in the pipeline for the company. “We will continue to evolve our range of beauty products, as well as our dermatological solutions for the face, body, and hair through the latest technologies. In doing so, we will put our roots deep in the market and create even more compelling and innovative offers and promotions to benefit our customers.”

For DMark Beauty & DermAsia, the future certainly looks more beautiful despite the challenges on the road ahead.