Do you really have to take a bath every day? It’s not even a question. Of course you should, for reasons you already know! Especially during summer, it really is a prerogative and a given that we should hit the showers on a daily basis, if not twice a day. Unless you are someone who is not really a hygienic person and is not meticulous with taking proper care of his or her body, or if you’re someone who doesn’t mind if you smell and people can actually sniff your bodily odor within your social space, then it is okay to not take a bath every day. Or, it is not okay. Because, not only is taking a bath everyday a good reason to maintain cleanliness, it’s also one good simple way to keep being beautiful. Here’s why:


Bathing induces sleep

If you struggle to get enough shut-eye, a warm bath may be all you need. Bathing before bedtime raises body temperature, which, once you are out of the bath, begins to cool. This signals your body that it is time to rest, and you will gradually start to feel sleepy. In some people it has shown to improve the quality of sleep while in others it has also cured insomnia.


It helps you relieve yourself from stress

Don’t you just love a cold, refreshing bath after a day’s worth of stress from work or from dealing with toxic people? You can actually get rid of all your worries and tension by taking a bath. A study conducted in Japan showed that the levels of stress markers (cortisol and chromogranin) reduced significantly in people who took a bath after 60 minutes.


The shower’s role is more than just for the body.

Don't just look at the biology of it, look at the mind. Just taking a shower is a feeling of freshness — there's a psychology to it. Someone who doesn't shower every day anymore might not have the same energy level. Showering makes people feel more confident, feel better, more beautiful, especially when you use bathing products that don’t give you that dry, rubbery feel on your skin.



Here comes Sebamed Cleansing Shower Oil. It is a soap-free conditioning shower oil with over 50% lipids that penetrates rapidly in your skin leaving no greasy residue. Sebamed Cleansing Shower oil keeps the skin smooth and supple and prevents further moisture loss and irritation during showering. And what’s more, it supports and protects the natural barrier function of the skin's acid mantle and is free of preservatives, with Avocado oil rich in Vitamin A and E as its main ingredient. This is a nice alternative to using a drying soap. Try this to feel that oozing confidence and overflowing beauty right after bathing and see for yourself what we are talking about.