When is the best time to use foam for your face?

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A good cleanser never just expunges the make-up off your skin after a long day’s work. It’s meant to also condition your face for the enriching products such as ampoules, serums, and essences in your routine. Designed for acne-prone and oily skin, Sebamed's Clear Face Cleansing Foam is packed with ingredients that do just that. 

As its active component, Monteline C40 fights acne-causing bacteria and prevents new ones from forming. This coconut oil-based ingredient preserves your complexion while targeting the problematic areas where you are more prone to have impurities in.  

Panthenol comes in different names that many skincare brands have tried to repackage over and over again. Sebamed has been using it since day one. It comes in the names pro vitamin B5, butanamide, pantothenol alcohol, and dexpanthenol but essentially converts into vitamin B5 when it touches the surface of your skin. When applied over a period of time, panthenol can stimulate collagen production because of its penetrating power. 

The foam is also a leg up especially if you don’t want the shiny and red tone on your skin. With this formula, it’s easier to lather up the cleanser onto your face without causing the same friction as you would with a gel or bar type cleanser. It also tempers your skin’s oil production by removing excess oil, dirt, and pollutants. 

Every good ingredient aside, Sebamed considers how you apply your products which is why it leaves a pleasant feeling after usage despite its capability to prevent breakouts. There’s nothing that can beat a gentle cleanser that works its magic behind the foam.