Getting a tan doesn’t sound so bad. After all, a golden brown skin tone is the perfect souvenir from a beach vacation, right? The truth is your skin gets plenty of sun exposure on a daily basis, and though you may not notice any reactions aside from a bit of redness, your skin can get badly damaged by the UV rays present in sunlight.

A video called “How The Sun Sees You” by photographer Thomas Leveritt gives an amazing look at how the sun wrecks havoc deep into the skin’s layers. The video shows Leveritt taking normal shots of strangers on the street, then with a special filter that captures ultraviolet light. What looked like flawless, healthy-looking skin in the regular photos was shockingly marked by numerous dark spots under UV lighting!

sun damage

The dark spots are pigmentations created on the skin by unprotected sun exposure. It’s the same spots that make skin look uneven and splotchy as people grow older, and lead to serious diseases such as skin cancer. Leveritt then handed some sunscreen to apply while he continued to film. Most sunscreen formulations usually look like a white cream in normal light but because of the UV filter, it looks like an opaque black substance when applied.

sun damage 2

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