What is a non-soap and why does Sebamed take pride in being one?

By definition, soap is fatty acid designed to break down dirt by making it soluble in water. This can make them too harsh and more closely related to detergent than facial cleansers.  

Enter Sebamed, a gentle cleanser that won't strip your skin of its natural protective oils and emollients which are essential in keeping your skin hydrated and protected from harmful environmental factors. Enriched with Vitamin B5, Sebamed also encourages skin cell regeneration and mildly does away with irritants that can disrupt your pH balance.  

An average Sebamed cleansing bar has more skin hydrating capacity than other brands' specialized soaps. What you’re likely to get after these soaps is a tight feeling on your face because of the drying chemicals. With Sebamed, you can freshen up your face without worrying about the harsh chemicals because our cleansers will leave you with soft and supple finish. 


Uniquely soap-free and alkali-free, Sebamed cleansers come in bars and liquid forms, allowing you to have full control on how you want to take care of your skin. Ditching away the sulfate and parabens found in most products is your first step in achieving a healthy skin.