Waking up to find an ugly and painful zit right in the middle of your face can ruin the rest of your day! Getting your period or expecting a baby can put your hormones in flux and cause a breakout, but there are a lot of other factors that lead to pimples as well. Many of these are actually preventable, so make sure to avoid these acne-causing sins:

  1. Weather changes take a toll on your skin, especially when it shifts from warm temperatures to a cooler one. Even oily skin types will need an extra dose of moisturizer so make sure to regularly update your skin care regimen.
  2. Going to bed with a dirty face is always a no-no, even if you’re not wearing makeup. Use a cleanser like Sebamed Antibacterial Cleansing Foam to remove oil and grime, so your pores stay clear and unclogged.
  3. Your face may be clean but when was the last time you changed your pillowcase and towels? Make sure they’re washed and replaced regularly so they don’t become breeding grounds for bacteria.
  4. The same principle applies to your makeup brushes and tools; traces of old makeup are not good for your skin! Use a brush cleaner or baby shampoo to give them a thorough cleanse at least once a month.
  5. Using the wrong products can irritate your skin: your makeup may be causing pore blockage or you may be allergic to your laundry detergent. Find the cause and nix it from your regimen!
  6. Working out and getting exercise is good for your body, but sweat and oil can block your pores. Clean up after your workout with Sebamed Deep Cleansing Toner.
  7. Got a heavy workload and running on very little sleep? Stress and sleep deprivation may be causing your breakout. Take a few minutes to relax and de-stress; you’ll feel more focused and energized, too!
  8. Constantly chatting on the phone with your significant other or best friends? Use an alcohol-free wipe to remove germs, makeup, and smudgy fingerprints every other day.
  9. If you’re a neat-freak and still getting mysterious breakouts, check your meds for side effects and talk to your doctor about changing your prescription.
  10. Finally, stop picking at your face! Treat the irritated area with Sebamed Anti-Pimple Gel.

Top Causes of Pimples

We hope this guides you in caring for your skin! Try Sebamed products for maintaining and preventing any trouble, as everything is hypoallergenic and carefully formulated to deliver the best results.

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