The real deal about your skin’s pH level

Much has been popularized when it comes to skincare and young women have chased from trend to trend such as the 10-step Korean skincare, clean beauty, and serum-infused make-up. While some of these work when done religiously, what it all boils down to is the strength of your skin barrier and its pH level. 

Some of the factors that affect the skin's pH level is your environment, diet, and quality of your sleep but the products you put in skin also affects this. To keep your skin well-moisturized and safe from bacteria, your pH level should stay at 5.5 and for the product that can hit that sweet spot, Sebamed stands as the only skincare with this focus. 

Whereas other facial soaps would have you scrubbing your face with drying chemicals, Sebamed is pH-centric which means your skin’s balance is well-maintained. Anything above 5.5 means your skin is dry and can easily be irritated. This means that no matter what serums and solutions you slap on your skin, it will not be absorbed properly. 

Uniquely made to be mild, Sebamed boasts of a specially developed line of cleansing bars, lotions, moisturizers, and shampoos. With Sebamed, you get skin protection from the sun, pollution, and elements with none of the stripping off of nutrients. Think of your skin as a canvas and Sebamed is the primer that keeps everything intact while your ordinary product is the sandpaper that can damage your skin.