Feel Beautiful


If it’s hard to be beautiful, it’s harder to feel beautiful. Here’s the secret, however: you can always feel beautiful if you want to.

Today, we’re giving you ten commandments you should follow to live a beautiful life every day of your life. Don’t hesitate to share these commandments to your other girl friends out there who also want to feel beautiful.

These are simple-to-follow commandments that you can apply instantly to your life and surely you’ll be able to feel the sudden hype in your happy hormones. With practice, this can be done!

Yes, you can feel absolutely beautiful by shifting our actions and attitude. Read on the ten commandments to make you feel beautiful:

 1.    Thou shalt smile.

Smiling can instantly make you feel beautiful. This is a classic commandment you should do even if you don’t feel like it. Look back to those days in your childhood wherein you’ll spend days smiling at your friends. Make it a habit today. Did you know that smiling can make you feel beautiful, younger and attractive? You know what to do with your crush.

2.    Thou shalt do healthy lifestyle.

Most of you may have been doing an eight-hour job and all you do in the office is sit and face your tasks. During these eight hours, why don’t you sit properly, and feel the air every time you inhale and exhale? That’s the simplest you can do if you’re really on a busy schedule.  Before taking a sleep in night time, you may do breathing exercise or spend at least 15 minutes meditating.

 3.    Thou shalt eat healthy and nutritious food.

According to studies, having the right kind and right amount of food intake can actually boost your happy hormones. Vegetables and fruits can easily be processed by the body compared to canned goods and instant meals. With this, eating healthy food can’t only make you healthy but feel beautiful, too.

 4.    Thou shalt relax.

In the most stressful moments of your life, all you need to do is relax. Breathe in, breathe out. Close your eyes and feel the warmth or coldness of your surroundings.

5.    Thou shalt always show kindness.

As simple as being kind to others is one of the things you can do to feel beautiful. Surround yourself with good-natured people and you’ll surely be inspired to show kindness to them in return.

 6.    Thou shalt inspire others.

Do good things. Show well and proper behavior all the time. Interact with your peers. Through this way, you can be a model that can inspire them to do the same. In that way, you can feel beautiful inside and out.

7.    Thou shalt dress up.

As you go out of your home, know what to wear. Know what you want to wear. In choosing which dress in the closet, you have to think of what’s comfortable for you. By wearing the best attire you have, you’ll not only make others happy but you’ll also feel beautiful inside.

 8.    Thou shalt take care of yourself.

Yes, everyone knows that taking one’s self is the best way to feel beautiful. No one knows better than you. Know what you feel and respond to these bodily necessities properly. Clear yourself of the doubts that doesn’t help you grow.

9.    Thou shalt focus on the bright side.

Why bother something that’s not even good? Sometimes, you need to think of happy thoughts and put weight on them to brighten up your day. To feel beautiful, you need to get rid of negative energies and focus on the things that give you good vibes.

10.  Thou shalt give love.

Love others like you love yourself. Feel beautiful by making others feel beautiful about them. Through this way, you are passing the good vibes around your peers.