Summer is finally here! Or at least in the Philippines, it’s already happening. You see your Instagram and Facebook Newsfeed flooded with pictures of your friends or acquaintances having the time of their lives at resorts or beaches, their happy faces clearly enjoying the summer heat and the sand on their feet, taking underwater selfies in the pristine, blue sea. You would most probably feel that short burst of envy as you scroll through their pictures, but then you suddenly remember all the plans you’ve made with your barkada that got your entire summer weekends already booked, so you feel excited instead.

Of course, who wouldn’t be excited with the prospect of being in a road trip and finally going to those famous beaches you’ve heard about and seen in your social media accounts? Yes, it is our favorite time of the year again, and everything should go well on our planned summer escapades, shouldn’t it? So, before you hit the gas and set on for your summer adventures, here are some tips to making sure your beach days will sail smoothly and "bummer moments-free":

Get your summer essentials ready.

Pack everything that you would need and use in your bag like your swimwear, soap, shampoo or conditioner, toiletries, towel, clothes to put on after swimming, plastic to put your wet garments in and goggles or snorkeling kits among other things so that you won’t have to go through the hassle of stopping by at convenience stores to hunt for the things that are not in your list and get in a long line at the counter.

Make sure you are well-acquainted about the place you’re going to or have someone in your group who is familiar with the place.

It would be a great disaster if no one in your barkada knows where exactly you’re headed to for you’d probably spend a good chunk of your time asking people for directions. Also, before even considering on going to a particular place, make sure that you would find the place in your favor, or you’d end up sulking and disappointed big time because it’s not how you imagined the place to be.

Keep yourself hydrated all the time and well-protected from the scorching summer heat.

Always remember to bring enough water to keep yourself thirst-quenched all the time. Also, you don’t wanna get those undesirable sunburns before you’ll even have your fill of the sea waters. So it would be best if you choose a good skin care product to protect yourself from the sun’s heat. Use Photoderm MAX Ultra Fluid SPF50+ for guaranteed maximum protection from sunburn, skin intolerance and having oily skin. Lastly, ensure high protection for the face and the body with the Bioderma Photoderm MAX Spray SPF50+ that provides maximum photoprotection for all skin types. In its handy spray format, the Photoderm MAX Spray is the ideal way to protect the faces and bodies of the entire family. These products will leave you feeling ultra-light and refreshed when applied.