Slugging your Skin with Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Baume

It’s all over TikTok, slugging is one of the most promising ways to get faster results out of your #skincareroutine. As suggested by its name, the process involves building up the product on your face until it reaches a slime-like consistency and leaving it preferably overnight as the last step in your nighttime regimen. 

It’s considered to create a physical exterior barrier on your skin to lock in moisture and reinforce the serums and essences you’ve applied beforehand. The aftermath is a visibly plump and hydrated face. So if you’re going for that dewy glass skin, slugging just might be for you. 

The Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Baume is extremely recommended in this technique. Suitable for combination, dry, normal and oily skin, the baume makes it safe for you to leave for an extended period of time. The efficacy of its soothing under normal application can last up to six months; more so, when used for slugging.

Unique on its approach to skincare, slugging is an easy enough trend to try and while trends can be fleeting, Bioderma is a tried and tested product that can benefit your skin. Its lightweight, soothing, and fragrance-free formula will also have you feeling comfortable when you hop on to the slugging trend.