Beauty, Inside and Out: Skincare Routines And Mental Health

Skincare, Self-Care, And Mental Health


Looking good goes beyond what people see on the outside.

Studies show that positive habit changes such as having a skincare routine, getting exercise, or just wearing makeup, can all help give you a much needed mental boost, especially in these trying times.

With all of these activities available within reach at home, it’s easy to see why coming up with a self-care routine is a no-brainer.

Here are some examples of how taking care of yourself leads to positive changes to your mental health.

Exercise Can Help Relieve Physical and Mental Stress

Feeling like your body is under a lot of stress? Try exercising.

It might sound counterproductive at first— how pushing your body to exercise can actually relieve physical stress. But it turns out, doing so can help trick your brain into helping you relax more.

Tense muscles in your body leads to the usual ‘tita’ problems— back aches, neck pain, etc. When you workout, endorphins are released into your brain, turning the rest period after your workout into a natural muscle relaxant.

Exercising also helps facilitate better oxygen delivery throughout your body, creating a beneficial cycle for your body’s wellbeing: the more you workout, the more your body feels great— the more your body feels great, the more relaxed your mind gets.

Starting small with exercises such as jogging or yoga can help ease you into a workout routine, and jumpstart your journey into holistic wellbeing.

Putting Makeup On Makes You Smarter

Putting makeup on goes above and beyond making you look pretty. Aside from helping you become less anxious, it’s actually been researched how makeup can make you smarter. *gasp*

A research was done by the Harvard Medical School and University of Chieti on the effects of mood-influencing activities during exams. With over 186 female undergraduate students participating in the test, they found that students who wore makeup saw a positive influence in their mood and confidence, helping them score higher versus other students who only listened to music or wore face coloring.

It might sound far-fetched, but makeup actually increased their cognitive abilities despite being in the same learning environment as the other students. Now that’s a good side effect.

Don’t be afraid to jump into a makeup routine— with thousands of makeup tutorials available on YouTube, you’ll be sure to find a routine that works well for you!

Skincare Routines Help Relieve Some Anxiety

Working on your evening skincare ritual isn’t all about looking pretty. There are indicators pointing to these routines as ways to help relieve anxiety.

According to Psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert, “Anxiety is about uncertainty — not knowing how a situation will turn out, negative thinking, and ruminating on unhealthy thoughts.” He shares that an activity that is structured and routine can help provide “a degree of predictability and certainty that can help curb anxiety.”

As you live and breathe through the routines you’ve built for skincare, you’ll slowly internalize every step and every outcome, helping your mind relax, just because you know everything that’s going to happen.

Jennifer Wolkin, a psychologist at the Joan H. Tisch Center for Women's Health, also mentions that "This sort of ritual is a way to create a sense of control. Those who do this are decreasing negative thoughts or reducing uncertainty to create an illusion of control."

Anxious about work? School? Or even a big date? Spend more time on your skincare routine to help relieve some of the anxiety. The more natural it becomes in your day-to-day life, the more you’ll be able to reap the benefits.

Also, Seeing the Effects of Your Skincare Routine Helps You Become More Confident

Skin problems are a usual cause of concern for most people, making it a source of stress and a lack of confidence. Being conscious about acne, for example, adds to the stuff you’re worried about, and becomes a cause of huge long-term health problems down the line when not addressed.

Research from Tagore Medical College and Hospital reported alarming results from a study they conducted in 2016. They found that people with severe acne showed lower levels of self-confidence, leading them to avoidance of social contact. Participants of the study also shared how skipping social gathering became their first course of action when outbreaks occurred on their skin.

Seeing your skin clear up can give individuals a confidence boost, making you feel more attractive, increase your self-esteem, and in turn, your overall confidence. Having one less thing to worry about helps you focus on more important things, creating a cycle of success that’ll help you do and achieve more, boosting your confidence even further.

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Take Your First Step Into Self-Care

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