Perhaps you’ve been only focused on hair and skin care, but what about lip care? Is it part of your regular self-care regimen?

You see, the skin on our lips is way thinner and flimsier than the skin on the rest of our body. This is the reason why our lips easily cracks and chaps. Moreover, our lips cannot create natural melanin to fight off sun damage, and they also have fewer amounts of oil glands. Therefore we must also remember to take care of our lips.

If you are frequently experiencing chapping and drying on your lips, then you must all the more focus on lip care— and we are here to help you achieve those luscious, well-moisturized lips that would look amazing (and sexy) both in person and in your Instagram selfies!

1. Apply daily lip balm

Did you know that chapping can happen in almost any season? Rain, shine, cold, or high humidity, your lips can chafe or roughen. Sure, we are most of the time home due to the Covid-19, and chapped lips can still very much happen indoors.

To prevent this, treat your lips with a good daily lip balm like Sebamed Lip Defense. It's a great triple protection that smoothens dry and chapped lips, churning out essential plant oils and Vitamin E to nurture your sensitive lips. This lip care stick will turn that pout into a smile as you can actually feel your lips getting softer and tender.

Sebamed Lip Defense

Upgrade your lip treatment by adding yummy flavor to your lip balm. Sebamed Lip Defense also has cherry and strawberry variants, which also boasts of SP530. These healing lipsticks offer intensive care with their jojoba oil and Vitamin E, which protects your lips from free radicals.

2. Get yourself a humidifier

The cracks on your lips usually happen when the air is dry. To prevent this, get yourself a humidifier, which will help retain moisture in the air. Of course, if you have asthma, best to consult your pulmonologist before purchasing a humidifier.

Applying lip balm right before going to sleep can also prevent cracked lips. For added protection, make sure to apply the balm in a way that it also overlaps the edges of your lips.

3. Stop touching your lips

As mentioned earlier, our lips do not have natural protection of their own. So when you have this bad habit of frequently touching your lips (which is also a no-no during the pandemic), you are directly assaulting them.

4. Stop licking them either

Oh, okay, so you are licking those lips to hydrate or moisturize them. Bad idea. Yes, it might feel good to lick those lips when they’re dry. But did you know that once the saliva from your lips evaporates, your lips will be left even drier? This is because your saliva's enzymes are too harsh for that delicate pout of yours.

If you feel that your lips are too dry and irritated, try using Sebamed Lip Repair instead. It can do the trick in resolving this aggravating issue. The product's perfect combo of jojoba oil, Bisabolol, and Vitamin E will soothe and repair those lips in no time. It even helps calm those tingling lips and protect them from free radicals. Talk about intense lip care.

Sebamed Lip Repair

5. Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated is also key to a healthy, beautiful pair of lips. We know that by drinking enough water on a daily basis will hydrate our skin from the inside—and a well-hydrated body also results in healthy lips.

But if your lips are persistently dehydrated, then we suggest you pamper them with Bioderma Atoderm Lipstick. This moisturizing stick is specifically designed to treat damaged and chapped, dehydrated lips.

Bioderma Atoderm Lipstick

6. Remove lipstick

Give your lips a break and room to breathe by removing your lipstick before going to bed. To clean those lips, get a damp cotton ball and gently wipe them.

7. Scrub and massage

Massaging your lips for about 5 minutes on a daily basis with nourishing oils will improve your lips' blood circulation. By doing this, your lips will also achieve the right amount of nutrients.

Also, to ensure that your lips stay soft and healthy, you need to remove dead skin cells by scrubbing them. This is also important so that your lips don’t suffer from any form of infection.

By following these easy steps, you will soon see significant improvement in your lip health and appearance. But if your lip problems persist, it is time to talk to your doctor.