During my childhood days, I’ve had a friend who has fine, long, shiny, silky, straight black hair although her hair was not thick, because mine is. I’m thinking that was my only advantage. But my hair looked dry; it’s not kinky or curly but the ends ‘fly away’ as if I was going to attend a ’60s themed-party’. That made her hair looked more nice and pretty than mine. It’s a little girls thing maybe but I had wished to get her kind of hair.

I was so happy then that she disclosed to me her secret! She said that she brushed her hair 100X each night! So, I tried! I brushed my hair each night and it felt like I was achieving my purpose. It felt softer because brushing detangled my hair but after few hours, my hair was still the same. Although, I could not feel any change I was still very hopeful. A couple of weeks passed by and I got impatient. Nothing really happened. So, I stopped that thing and life went on. I just had to tame my hair daily with a pony tail.

Time went by; I learned it was a just MYTH! (brushing the hair 100X) I have also learned that brushing too much causes friction in the scalp, which can lead to cuticle damage and breakage. Glad to know that due to my inconsistency, it didn’t cause damage to my hair.

Nowadays, I am still eager to get a silky, shiny straight black hair. But it’s easier now than following those hear-say rituals that were untrue! Salons offer services that will improve the look of our hair. My hair is straight and shiny because of hair rebonding. Chemicals were put and straightening irons were used to achieve this kind of hair.
However, the damage is done. We may enjoy the look but our hair could be suffering. When our hair is damaged, it looked dry, brittle and easily breaks.

I found out that Sebamed Hair Repair Shampoo and Conditioner do their best to treat these damaged hair. I love it when it says restores the hair elasticity and luster. Because when hair is damaged, it becomes more tangled and makes hair vulnerable to more damages.

Sebamed Hair Repair Shampoo and Repair Conditioner will save your damaged hair!

Sebamed Hair Repair Shampoo


Sebamed Hair Repair Shampoo is formulated to regenerate dry and damaged hair achieving a visible difference, even after the first application. Our hair is vulnerable to damage not only through the stress of environmental influences but also through the structural changes caused by bleaching and perming of the hair. The highly effective vegetal based repair complex improves even a badly damaged hair structure, restoring its elasticity and lustre.

Sebamed Hair Repair Conditioner

Sebamed Hair Repair Conditioner is fortified with nourishing conditioning complex of Vitamin B5, avocado oil and plant extracts, it penetrates deep into the hair shaft to naturally strengthen your hair. Natural moisturizers and silk protein enhance luster and volume for soft, healthy looking hair.

Sebamed products are the only skin and haircare products that have the same pH value of 5.5 as your hair, scalp and skin needs. It supports your hair and scalp to regain its natural moisture balance for the health and natural beauty of your hair.

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Sebamed products are may be purchased at selected Watsons, PCX and Mercury Drugs, and online via Zalora Philippines.