Are you a proud parent to an adorable new-born child? As exciting as it is, you can’t help but worry about ensuring your baby’s health and safety. One of most probable struggles you might encounter along the way is maintaining the healthy condition of your baby’s delicate skin. And what might be one the best solutions for making sure that you beloved child doesn’t encounter skin issues that would leave him feeling uncomfortable and irritated?


Infants tend to develop atopic dermatitis, also, known as eczema, a skin condition that causes itching and redness. It commonly occurs during the first few months of the baby and can be triggered by different elements such as allergens, weather changes, as well as food.


Bioderma, a 35-year old French skincare brand, has developed effective and efficient solutions to skin disorders using dermatological biology as a foundation of their approach. These innovative formulations are guaranteed to not only correct skin disorders, but also to allow the skin to rebuild and recreate healthy skin barrier in the process. This technology, which is incorporated in the Atoderm range of Bioderma, essentially strengthens the skin from within, making it more resilient.


Atoderm Preventive Cream is a Dermo-Consolidating nourishing cream especially formulated for infants up to three years old. This slightly-perfumed, hypoallergenic, allergen-free and paraben-free, nourishing cream contains the unique Skin Barrier Therapy Patent and Paediatric Charter and Dermatological Advanced Formulation that helps the baby’s skin to build a healthy skin barrier from within and make it more resilient against external elements that can cause aggravation and dryness.


Provide your baby with maximum care and comfort and you’re sure to be rewarded with those angelic smiles and giggles.