by Gabrielle Agbulos

I have always been one to believe that growth is a good thing. The more you age, the more you learn about yourself and the world. It is a wonderful experience, and the only hindrance I’ve seemed to find with it is having to constantly maintain your skin. Happiness can lead to crow’s feet and smile lines, while adventure can leave you with wrinkles and sunspots.

While putting on face masks is fun, I spend way too much on all the latest skincare trends, with little change to my appearance. I was so lost on what to do—that is, until I met with a dermatologist who introduced me to Neostrata’s Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum: a product made for people that want younger, fresher looking skin. Now, how exactly does it work?

Neostrata Skin Active Tri Therapy Lifting Serum 30ml

This lightweight serum was made for the comfort of the user, hence why it’s oil-free, scent-free, and paraben-free. It has three main ingredients that help it fulfill its purpose. First: 1.25% aminofil, which helps the skin look plumper, and more firm. It stimulates collagen, which then works to rebuild the skin. After constant use, it will help to get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles you’ve been stressing about. Second, the 8% gluconolactone, a very effective exfoliant that focuses on dealing with rough skin. It removes dead skin cells, smoothing and brightening up the surface for a soft, even texture all over, entirely free of spots caused by age. As someone with very sensitive skin, this ingredient makes Neostrata’s serum perfect for me—no more worrying about rashes or breaking out. Lastly, there’s the 0.5% low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which helps to bring more moisture into the skin. It helps to hydrate your skin’s surface and smooths out any uneven lines you might find on your skin.

The best thing about the Neostrata serum is its versatility, which makes it suitable for all kinds of skin. Personally, I have a combination of both dry and oily skin, and this product is God-sent. No more worrying about wrinkles or cracked skin. Instead, I can go to bed and wake up feeling young and beautiful. Just three to five little drops on the skin after washing my face, and a little moisturizer (I recommend Neostrata’s Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream) and I’m good to go! No other product was necessary.

Priced at PHP 3,350, many have tried this product out and found the results to be astonishing. After just 12 weeks, people have reported 100% increased firmness, 97% increased plumpness, and 92% lessened wrinkles. If all of these results showed up in just 12 weeks, think of how much of an effect it’ll have when you switch to it permanently!

Simply put, Neostrata’s Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum is a simple, versatile solution for all your skincare needs. It’s gentle and effective—tried and tested to make sure that it does its job. What are you waiting for? Ask your dermatologist for a bottle now!