How does Sebamed match up to the effects of over-the-counter exfoliator

How to Exfoliate Your Skin

One way to take care of acne-prone skin is with gentle exfoliation. A promising way to shed your skin’s dead cells and renew your face’s appearance, women can often make the mistake of exfoliating frequently. If you’re unsure on how you’ll exfoliate, you can use products that are safe for everyday use like Sebamed’s Clear Face Gentle Scrub.

Sebamed has a good reputation and for good reason, it delivers visible results. That may sound like a lifesaver but even in as little as two weeks, any redness caused by pimples and its scars will lighten up because of Sebamed’s ingredients hand-picked by dermatologists and perfected into formulation.  

Some ingredients that Sebamed take pride in are pentavitin which is extracted from plants that mimics the skin's regeneration abilities; and allantoin which soothes irritation.   

The scrub not only deep cleanses but targets sebum and blackheads which clog your pores. When integrated into your skincare routine, exfoliation will lead to more elastic skin even when you’re aging beyond the point of fast skin cell regeneration.  

If you’re in need of more convincing, using a gentle scrub like this will give you a matte-like appearance. That is the key to a refined look and almost invisible pores even when bare-faced. With Sebamed’s Clear Face Gentle Scrub, you can say adios to the oily shine for good.