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Do you know the secret to a healthy body? If you know and do them, your body will be unquestionably healthy and your hair also benefits from it. The secret is not really a secret anymore. I should say, it’s what everybody knows but most people don’t get to do them. These are just the basics such as eating healthy food, having daily exercise, drinking lots of water, avoiding caffeine, nicotine and alcohol and lastly, cutting down on stress.  How are we doing on these things? I hope that we are working out on keeping our bodies healthy. It will go a long way, definitely!

While we keep our bodies healthy for a healthy hair, we shouldn’t be careless on our hair itself. It’s what we do on our hair that may directly affect them.

Proper hair care includes:

  • Avoiding using heat products on hair when styling (ie flat-irons or curling irons) as they damage hair follicles.  Most of us are guilty of this and we think it is unavoidable not to use these products on our hair. So, if we must need a heat product on our hair, we should protect our hair with anti-heat damage serum.
  • Harmful chemicals also damage the hair such as when we go for hair bleach, perm or dye.
  • Brush hair gently and don’t overdo it.  It is also much better to use a wide-tooth comb. Hey that what’s in my kids’ grooming kit! Tight hair bands and hair braids can damage hair. Aside from the split-ends, worst case is hair loss.
  • Choose a shampoo that is gentle and contains ingredients that protect your scalp and hair strands. Botanically-based shampoos such as the Sebamed Everyday Shampoo will help maintain the intrinsic structural integrity of your hair as well as enhance the sheen of your hair. It will leave your hair soft and healthy looking. Check this product here.
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  • Give your scalp a nice massage. It encourages blood flow to the scalp that stimulates follicle growth.
  • Lastly, even if you wanted your hair longer, don’t forget to trim every ten to twelve weeks. Just a quarter an inch per trim will benefit your hair as it removes the split ends and promote healthy hair growth.

Although you follow certain proper hair care as mentioned above, there are also some other factors that may affect the texture of your hair such as pregnancy, menopause, stress and others. You simply need to embrace the change and start using the correct shampoo for your hair type. Have you got more hair tips to share?

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