After a long and tiring day, you deserve a good rest. Unfortunately, it is often easier to just jump into the bed without giving thanks to the one who actually worked with us throughout the day. That is our skin. It has been with us and has been our defence against environmental stresses. If we deserve a good rest, don’t you think our skin also deserves a have good night.

The best way to give our skin a good night it deserves is to cleanse our skin before going to bed. It’s always a must to take off all the make-up, oil and pollutants that covered your face the whole day. Splashing water onto your face is not enough.


End-of-Day Skincare For Adult Skin

Wrinkles and fine lines tend to hasten to appear when face is not properly cleared off each day. It builds up and before we know it, we will wake up with those fine lines.

So, when your skin belongs to the adult or mature skin type, you need to remember four things for your end-of-day skincare to at least delay the appearance of the signs of aging:

  1. Take off all the make-up, oil and pollutants to avoid clogged pores and breakouts.
  2. Moisturize after cleansing face.  Moisturizing can improve the appearance of lines by temporarily plumping them up.
  3. Be consistent in your skin care.  Don’t do it sporadically rather cleanse face every night to avoid clogged pores.
  4. Keep up with your anti-aging regimens. Best effects happen when you continue as directed by your dermatologist. The initial benefits will go away if you stop using them.

For effective end-of-care skincare, Neostrata skin care offers products that are meant for the adult or mature skin type:

 Neostrata Facial Cleanser

Neostrata Facial Cleanser

  • Polyhydroxy Acid Gluconolactone provides anti-aging benefits
  • Removes impurities and makeup without drying the skin
  • Ideal for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone

 Neostrata Renewal Cream

Neostrata Renewal Cream

  • Advanced, professional strength night cream designed to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Improve the appearance of uneven pigmentation and sun damage on face, hands and chest.
  • May be used by those with dry or oily skin.

For more information about these products, you may contact us or consult with your skin care expert or dermatologist.
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