People often take tedious amounts of time trying to figure out how to live healthier; cleansing their digestive systems, applying more bulk to muscle mass and trimming down fat but often times takes for granted the largest organ in the body: the skin. Skin needs no introduction, it’s what literally keeps us together and yet we care more about how it looks or how it feels than its health. Here’s a quick guideline on how to get your skin into better shape, just like the rest of your body.


  1. The Sun is a Frenemy

Common ideas: the sun will give you nourishing vitamin D to bring out that inner glow and give you the sun-kissed appearance you’ve always wanted. Or just burn the heck out of you, whichever way is easier for the sunshine. Sunlight can be a boon or a bane to anyone and you have to be prepared for it if you want to harness its advantages but keep the sunburn far away from you.

First of all, do not sunbathe anytime near noon in tropical areas or during times of heat waves that send people running to the beach, use the 10 am to 2pm period to keep to the shade. Harsh UV rays will leave you pink and stingy. Worse, the upper layer of your skin will dry and peel off. Use sunscreen with at least SPF 15 and reapply every two hours. Or, if you’re not planning to risk your skin at all, use protective clothing. Just be careful not to give yourself heatstroke by wearing thick clothes in a hot weather.

  1. Tough Love is a No-Go

Skin is more fragile than most people may think. It’s there to protect us but keep in mind that it is like paper mache, made of many different layers that can be fragile individually in what strength they had together. For example, natural oils and the moisture content of your skin can make or break its well-being. Long hot baths, shaving and even rough towel rubs can take away the protective oil from the skin. When it comes to skin, you have to be gentle and not treat everything as a callous.

  1. A Must: No Fuss

Emotional health can affect our bodily functions. Stress, for one, can contribute in breakouts and other skin problems that will leave you looking less like yourself. It is a similar concept as the blushing bride and the glowing mother. A good night’s sleep makes anyone feel better and it reflects upon your skin. So be happy and take joy in what you love in life; who knows, perhaps the blooming aura after that will lead to even more happiness further down the road.

  1. Minimal Make-Up

Cosmetics leave residue on the skin that blocks your pores. This triggers a chain reaction that will create bloated pimples and the like. But scrubbing it clean can’t be too good of a news to your skin, either. Choose a gentle make-up remover at the end of the day to start fresh. Products like Bioderma’s Sensibio H2O Micellar Solution can cleanse the face and eyelids at a molecular level, keeping skin safe and fresh for the next challenge.

  1. Know Your Skin’s Personality

Not all skin are created equal, there will always be oily, dry and the kind that plays jump rope with the fine line in between. Make use of  a skin care regime that is appropriate for your skin type. Moisturizers for those who find that their skin is dry all the time and does not fit and oil-absorbing products for oily skin that attracts breakout-causing dirt and dust.

  1. Lips Are Skin, Too

People tend to forget this but the lips are a fragile part of the skin that need a whole different range of products to cater to it. In any case, the lips must be kept moisturized ideally at all times. Organic lip balms, scrubs and butters are quite affordable and rarely fail to give one a good pucker.

At the end of the day it comes down to the old saying ‘You are what you eat’. And it couldn’t be more true. Abuse your insides and the outside will show it like a transparent film of plastic. It’s like gardening, after all, put the good stuff in and all the good stuff comes out tenfold.