Bioderma answers what really goes into your facial wash

That the secret is in the sauce not only applies to the kitchen but is true in the beauty industry as well. Whatever product you put on your face and whichever brand it may be is only as good as its ingredients. 

The famed Bioderma sebium gel moussant, for example, is known for its occlusives. Occlusives are its ingredients that form the barrier on your skin’s surface, keeping it moist and hydrated. Some occlusive ingredients Bioderma uses include mineral oils, ethylhexyl palmitate, dimethicone, and sodium polyacrylate.

Ethylexil palmitate doesn’t just help other ingredients be more soluble but also targets the upper layers of the skin to lock in its moisture. Dimethicone, on the other hand, smooths over little bumps and open pores.

Sodium polyacrylate, while classified as a polymer, is no cheap plastic. It’s an ingredient that  softens the exfoliating effects of the product so as not to be too rough on your skin. 

For a small French brand that has been around for almost 50 years, Bioderma has nailed the secret sauce for sensitive skin, all thanks to its research and evidence based formulation. So next time you’re in the skincare aisle, consider the ingredients of your cleanser and moisturizer so you can make an informed choice.