A Celebration of Women’s Achievements and Innovations in the Field of Beauty and Skincare

Women’s Month is a month-long celebration that has been more of a fight than a festivity. To commemorate this year’s Women’s Month, DMark Beauty Corporation held Beauty and Beyond: Anti-Ageing and Aesthetics E-Seriesa virtual event featuring speakers who are all accomplished and visionary women in the medical field. The event was a huge success, all thanks to the women who spearheaded it. Beauty and Beyond has imparted lots of learnings to esteemed medical professionals from the Philippine Dermatological Society who are attendees of the exclusive event.


Women’s Month is all about highlighting the achievements and growth of women from across the globe. Nikki Tang, a chief beautypreneur and the CEO of DMark Beauty Corporation and DermAsia, talked about how DMark Beauty Corporation has been pioneering solutions for over 20 years. Trusted by professionals in the medical field, DMark is your leader in the beauty and skincare innovation in the Philippines. Aiming to revolutionize the field of skincare and beauty aesthetics across the country, DMark partnered with an international brand that is as equally as outstandingGlowbiotics Probiotic Skincare MD. Led by Jessica Shurtz, the CEO of Glowbiotics who is yet another acclaimed woman, Glowbiotics is a pioneer in innovative skincare. DMark, along with Glowbiotics, is the first one to bring probiotics technology into the local skincare industry.

Another purpose of this virtual event is to formally welcome Glowbiotics as it is the first of its kind in the Philippines. Now that you’ve read about the amazing women behind the two pioneer beauty brands, you might be curious about what Glowbiotics has to offer. Here are some key points mentioned by Irene Gaile Robredo-Vitas, M.D. during her discussion in Beauty and Beyond:

The Objectives

This innovative skincare range targets specific skin conditions including those that are difficult to treat, stemming from hormonal disruptions, inflammatory triggers, and microbiome imbalance. The idea is to repair skin without being invasive; this means that there shall be no wounds nor tearing down of the skin. DMark aims to bring non-invasive solutions by introducing Glowbiotics to all Filipinos who are in need of help in treating their various skin concerns.

The Beauty Bugs

You might get shocked to know that there are quite a few microorganisms in your skin such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mites. These “beauty bugs” can be good or bad for your skin; Glowbiotics exist to help balance out these microorganisms for better overall skin health. 

The Science Behind Probiotics in Skincare

Since the skin’s immune system consists of beneficial bacteria acting as the first line of environmental defense, the existence of living microorganisms is indeed important and the use of probiotics has established it as a need for your body’s inner (gut) and outer (skin) health. 

2 Ranges in One Line

Glowbiotics offers skincare products that are in both MD and non-MD range. This is to cater to different people with various skin concerns. If you’re just trying to have a feel of how skincare products work, there is Preventive Skincare; if you’re struggling with skin issues, there is Corrective Skincareall thanks to Glowbiotics’ new technology.



Indeed, such life-changing innovations are brought to you by inspiring women from across the globe. These achievements are the result of hard work by women like Nikki Tang and Jessica Shurtz who are consistently providing simple yet effective top-notch skincare products which are all medical-grade to people who need them. Medical professionals can now recommend Glowbiotics locally to their patients. This virtual event, Beauty and Beyond, joyfully welcomes you to the world of advanced beauty technology as DMark Beauty partners with Glowbiotics.