Are you planning to spend the most part of your summer by being outside, visiting different beaches, island hopping, or travelling to various tourist spots in the country? If your answer is yes, then here’s a little friendly advise: make sure to equip yourself with the right items. No one in history ever got hurt by being a certified girl scout who is always prepared no matter what situation she is in. Here are what you need to truly make the most out of SUMMER!

  1. The perfect outfit
    You’ll need the right outfits for different occasions. A sundress is a must. Sundresses are so flexible that you can wear them while you’re on the beach or simply walking on the streets with your friends. It gives you that carefree feeling and that youthful and feminine look at the same time!

    Next, make sure to pack at least two pairs of bikini because you’ll never know how many times you and and the barkada are going to visit a random beach or resort.

    Lastly, bring along some stylish sando and shorts to wear when you’re staying at a hotel or beach house to still have that homey feeling. It could also be the perfect outfit for running errands in between your summer escapades.

    Perfect outfit

    1. Stylish sunglasses

    Sunglasses do not only give you that “cool” look, they also protect your beautiful eyes from sunlight. With this item, you can look at the most breathtaking sceneries without squinting your eyes.


    1. Comfy footwear

    Who walks in the sand wearing 5-inch stilettos? No one. Ergo, high-heeled footwear is not an ideal item to bring. Slippers are much more convenient and comfortable to use in the beach. Don’t forget to also pack your Chucks/sneakers for these shoes are perfect for walking around a small historic town, visiting museums, and local restaurants. Plus, they also look good when paired with a sundress or any casual attire!

    Comfy Footwear

    1. All-around bags

    Scrap your belief that backpacks are just for school kids. Backpacks are perfect for road trips and adventures. They can carry practically everything-- from your shoes to beach balls (slightly deflated beach balls, that is). Some backpacks even have small pockets where you can place your money and other small valuable items. But if you are looking for something more feminine, go for beach bags! They are also relatively big and can carry a lot of things.


    1. The obligatory camera

    Fun getaways lose their “fun” factor if not captured in camera. Wouldn’t it be a whole lot better if moments are photographed and everyone gets to see and have a good laugh at all the countless selfies and the silly poses years later?  


    1. The best sunscreen out there
    Going to the beach, lounging on the seashore, reading your favorite book with the perfect cocktail by your side may be one of the most relaxing things to do. However, it’s all fun and games until someone gets a severe sunburn or skin complications. Make sure to equip your skin with a legit sunscreen.
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