What does one have to do to achieve that glowing white skin without going to such great heights? Yes, you do not have to perform time-consuming rituals of applying loads of beauty regimen and home remedies before going to sleep or scan your surroundings for any shade  just to reach another building twenty steps away to protect your skin from the sun. Following these steps would not only help you achieve a lighter complexion, it would undoubtedly give you that youthful glow that would provide you with the confidence to continue doing your daily activities.


1. Always bring an umbrella.

It doesn’t hurt to carry a six pound umbrella in your bag as it pretty much provides all the protection you need, not just from extreme sunlight, but also from rain. Couple this practice with applying Neoretin Discrom Control Gelcream before leaving the house to fight off melasma, spots, and uneven pigmentation. Always be prepared and protect your skin from elements that could damage it and cause it to become a shade darker

Lighter Skin

2. Eat the right kinds of food.

In other words, eat healthy. As cliche as it may sound, this is proven to be true.  Fruits and vegetables such are tomatoes, kale, carrots, and the like are known to revitalize one’s skin. Of course, it is important to combine this habit with regular exercise as the two work perfectly together. Aside from a youthful skin, you’re also bound to achieve a healthy and fit body.

They say that “you are what you eat”. Well, in this case, your skin depends on what you eat. So start munching on those carrots!


drinking water

3. Drink! Drink! Drink!

Lots of water, of course. Aside from quenching that thirst and keeping you hydrated, drinking lots of water is said to also benefit the skin. This would include preventing your skin from getting dry and from looking more wrinkled. But drinking excessive water wouldn’t also do you any good. Excessive water is excreted by the kidneys, therefore, it would also be good to apply moisturizer to lock that moisture in. Neoretin Discrom Control Serum Booster Fluid and Neoretin Discrom Control Gelcream helps you keep moisturized day and night!


4. Protect yourself from stress.

There’s bound to be instances when work decides to suddenly require you to catch up with deadlines and finish a pile of paper works  (if it does not already do that) which ultimately stresses you out. Stress is proven to have adverse effects to ones skin. You wouldn’t want to burden yourself with worrying about other things when you have so much to do. So save yourself from the trouble and be assured that your skin is taken care of. Keep your skin moisturized and protected from irritants with Neoretin Discrom Control Serum Booster Fluid.


 5. Clean your body.

At the end of the day, as you prepare to go to bed, make it a habit to cleanse your face from all the make-up and smoke and dust that your face and body accumulated from travelling to and from work. Leaving your make-up on or failing to wash your face may lead to pimples, acne, and build up of dirt which may cause your skin to dry. Take a short bath or simply wash your face with soap. It would also help to apply Neoretin Discrom Control Serum Booster Fluid before you doze off to get skin that’s lighter than the day before.