It really is frustrating when you check your self at the mirror and see all those dark spots, acnes, pimple marks, and other irregularities on your face that you've been trying so hard to get rid of but just can't. And it gets even more annoying when you try to feel your face and it’s not as smooth as you hoped it would be. There must be something wrong then with your usual skin care routine.

Well, it’s time to revamp that and check out these simple ways to help you with your dilemma:

  1. Stop that bad habit of pinching or popping your pimples.

It may be tempting if that blackhead has been staring you in the face for a day or two, but it's really not worth it. Picked zits cause blemishes. Blemishes are inflammations in the epidermis and dermis, the outer and inner layers of your skin. It takes longer for the blemishes to heal when they are popped, so stay strong and resist the urge! Picked pimples could also leave a scar behind. Pimples are temporary, but scars are forever. If you want smooth skin, don't make it harder to achieve by picking pimples. And lastly, the oils and dirt from your hands will transfer to your face and can easily clog pores.


2.   Eat the right kinds of food.

Consuming healthy food will not only make you feel healthy from the inside, your skin will reek of that healthy glow too! A diet with ample beauty super foods can enhance skin texture, hydration, firmness and smoothness.


3.    Wash, clean and exfoliate. 

Wash your face twice a day with a soap free cleanser. It is important to remove oil and dirt from your skin. Most of us are too lazy or sleepy to use a make up remover before bed and wash the face. And its about time to practice discipline and perform this little routine for the sake of your skin that has been exposed to pollution all day. It is also very important to regularly exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells accumulated on skin.


4.     Use sunblock.

We all know it's important to use sunblock for health reasons, but it'll go a long way toward keeping your skin smooth, too. Use sunblock religiously, sun damage creates wrinkles and coarsens the skin

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Heliocare Gelcream Brown provides high levels of sun protection and feels great to use. It also has skin tone enhancing bronzer which is perfect for masking blemishes and uneven skin tones. On the other hand, Heliocare Gelcream Light is a daily sun protection against UVA/UVB rays. It is non-oily and provides the skin excellent moisturisation and anti-oxidant activity. This is also ideal for all skin types.


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