Many of us associate the thick white lotion and its unmistakable scent with trips to the beach or dips at the pool. We tend to think of sunscreen as a product to use for summer trips, but any dermatologist will tell you that we actually need to apply it every day! Some people might dislike wearing sunscreen because it makes their skin feel hot and sticky, but the availability of different formulas should allow you to find one that suits your needs.

The benefits of wearing sunscreen:

  1. Adding sunscreen to your daily morning routine can save you from getting wrinkles early! UVA rays speed up the aging process so if you want to maintain a youthful appearance, better slather on some sun protection ASAP. You can use a tinted formula like Heliocare Gelcream Color SPF50 to double as your face base.

  2. Tanned skin may seem like the ultimate souvenir from your vacation, but you can get tan lines simply from sitting next to a window. The change in skin color is actually caused by UVB rays burning your skin. This damage can lead to problems like hyperpigmentation or even allergies. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays to ensure adequate protection. Heliocare Advanced Cream SPF50 works well for normal and dry skin types, while Heliocare Advanced Gel SPF50 can be used for oily and combination skin.
  3. Certain medicines like anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular and acne medications can make you extra sensitive to sun damage. You can also be more prone to photosensitivity if you’re undergoing laser treatments, so it’s important to apply higher SPF like Heliocare Ultra Gel SPF90.
  4. Minimizing your risk for skin cancer is the most important and compelling reason to wear sunscreen regularly. Unprotected sun exposure is the leading cause for this preventable disease, and it’s imprudent to not take heed. You can even take supplements like Heliocare Oral Capsules to boost your protection, but never ever go without sunscreen. 

We hope we have convinced you!

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