There’s nothing quite as soft or as delicate as a baby’s skin, and you may find yourself wanting to hug, kiss and caress it 24/7! Your frequent touch is critical to your baby’s development, but you must also remember that infants have very sensitive skin that requires special care. As newborns, their skin is highly prone to irritations, so it’s best to use very mild, hypoallergenic products like the Baby Sebamed line to keep your little one happy and rash-free.

Here is what we recommend!

Like all Baby Sebamed products, this Baby Bubble Bath is an alkali-free formulation with a pH 5.5 value that supports the development of your baby’s acid mantle, which will protects him from bad bacteria. It has emollient qualities that keep the skin from drying out, and chamomile extract to soothe and protect against irritation. This is particularly recommended for babies who suffer from atopic eczema, senile xerosis, or psoriasis.
Pediatricians recommend using gentle, soap-free cleansing products especially in the first few months. Our Baby Cleansing Bar is perfect for the job because aside from being 100% soap-free, it contains natural moisturizing agents like urea, vitamins, and amino acids to keep your baby’s skin smooth and soft.
Dry skin is a common cause for irritation, so make sure you maintain the proper hydro-balance for your baby’s skin by using our Baby Lotion. The 7% lipid moisturizer can be rapidly absorbed by the skin, so your baby stays comfortably protected.
If your baby needs more intensive protection, use our rich water-in-oil emulsion with 42% lipids Baby Cream. It forms a moisturizing film that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, and ideal for protecting against dryness caused by cold weather.
The trapped moisture from diaper wear can make your baby prone to nappy rashes. Treat this boo-boo with our Diaper Rash Cream for rapid and effective relief of diaper dermatitis. Titanium dioxide forms a protective barrier against possible irritants, so you can also use this to prevent further occurrences.
Some babies are born with a full head of hair, and need a gentle cleanser that cares for both hair and skin. Our Children’s Shampoo is soap-free with moisturizing properties, so your baby’s fine hair and delicate scalp can be cleansed without causing irritation. You’ll love how good it smells, too!


With these products, your baby is sure to have the healthiest, most vigil-worthy skin! Sebamed is available in select Watsons and PCX stores nationwide. Please also ask your dermatologist about the brand.