The responsibilities of a mother, let alone a working mother, seem endless. Aside from taking care of the whole family and possibly juggling schedules arising from her very own business or career, she also has to acknowledge and address her needs as a woman. In most cases, taking care of oneself takes the backseat. Personal skin care, in particular, is one area often taken for granted.


A lot of moms simply skip skin care because they think they might need to spend a fortune to get the best results—and this makes them feel guilty! However, you can take care of your skin without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are three tips on how you can avoid overspending on skin care.


1. Consult a Derma First and Know Your Skin Type

If someone expects a good job on anything, then it should definitely be done by a professional. Instead of guessing one’s way to a great skin, you can schedule a quick visit to your dermatologist. Your doctor will know your skin type and recommend products that best suit your skin type. A dermatologist can also point out your possible skin issues and suggest a routine that can help you get healthier skin.


2. Read Reviews of Target Products Online

Surveys have found that when it comes to advertisements, consumers trust recommendations by their friends and family most. Consumers also trust online reviews. So why not spend some time online too to read up on your target skin care products? Look for testimonials. Visit forums and learn about actual experiences of people. Ask forum members as well. Determine whether your target product is indeed good, and is from a reputable company, before you spend on it.


3. Always Carry an Umbrella and Drink Water

Surprised to find this tip here? No matter how cliché this sounds, the simplest way to take care of your skin—so you can avoid overspending on skin care in the process—is still getting the basics right. The last thing any woman wants is to get dry, flaky, or burned skin. Admit it. The sun can be harsh sometimes and not knowing how to protect one’s skin from harmful rays may cause aging! So if there’s anything a woman should learn to carry inside her bag every day, it’s an umbrella and a bottle of water. Even celebrities like Jennifer Aniston swear by the benefits of drinking water regularly.

Remember, the best way to save on skin care is not simply buying the cheapest product out there; it’s knowing which value-for-money items suit you best. It’s also being wise and committed to it.