Running a business of your own while raising a family may not be easy but I can assure you that it is not impossible.

A lot of people have been asking me about how I manage my business and still be there for my family. The simple answer is this: have a work-life balance, passion for what you do, and never sacrifice quality time with your family.


Work-Life Balance


Having a clear boundary between professional life and personal life is crucial. I make sure to tune out distractions and give my full attention to my kids when I’m with them. Also, I want to be present not just physically, but mentally as well so as much as possible I block work-related thoughts when I spend time with my family. I live by the philosophy that family is not just an important thing; it is everything.

Indeed, it is difficult to juggle business and family life so it is also important to manage your time well and set your priorities straight. I live by my to-do list while working around my kids’ schedules to make sure I don’t sacrifice quality time with my family whilst still having a thriving business.


Family as My Support System


My kids are my inspiration and drive. They led me to be a better version of myself and develop a wide range of skill set that includes multitasking, financing, managing, and problem solving. This comes in handy when dealing with my business. My family also helps in my creativity and imagination to constantly grow and excel as a beautypreneur.


Quality Time


It is essential to keep the bond between moms and their kids so it is necessary to be present during school events to express your support and show your kids how much they really mean to you. It is also beneficial to find a fun activity during your quality time -- look for movies that you can enjoy together, book tickets to places you all want to visit, or eat out and try new restaurants together.


I’ve learned these critical lessons along the way which led me to where I am today. Believe it or not, I faced challenges in the past that I never thought I would overcome. Take a leap of faith, I’m sure you’ll soon be a successful entrepreneur.