Keeping a pimple-free skin, especially a pimple-free face, when you’re living a very busy life is a tough challenge. To commit yourself to it while you’re busy submitting paperworks, running errands for your organizations, accomplishing tasks in the school or office, and keeping a socially active life while doing all of them together is such a pain in the neck, not to mention all of those foods you stress-eat with a couldn’t-care-less attitude after being worn out from doing everything all at once, unhealthy or not.

Of course, no one is obliging you to have a zero-acne face, and having them is totally normal and acceptable, with respect to people who have them out of health conditions. But if it can be helped, why tolerate them when there are so many doable things to rid yourself of them? Pimples are recurring, and no matter how religious you are in your rituals, they will always pop up from nowhere. So, here are some tips to prevent them from growing and multiplying in numbers. There’s a hundred of them if you search further, but these are the most convenient and less time-consuming things you can do:


1. Wash your face before you go to sleep

 Your face has been exposed to car exhausts, dust, and other filthy stuff in the air all day, not to mention your frequent sweating from the very hot temperature all day long. Don’t allow yourself to hit the mattress without giving your face a good rinse. Rub your face gently using a mild soap and warm water, and don’t forget to include the skin before the hairline just above your forehead because you are prone to grow white heads in that area when you don’t wash it.

 washing face


2. Resist pinching your acne


Yes, it really is very satisfying to pinch that white head surfacing right on top of that pink mountain of an acne. You know well that doing it might make your acne swell and grow bigger, yet you find getting that white head off your face and rolling them in your fingertips very, very irresistible. But, really, stop the urge. You don’t want to have that pink punk on your face any longer, do you?

 pinching pimples

3. Use safe, reliable and effective skincare products


You may have tried different skincare products in the past to help you get those pimples off your face but eventually found them ineffective. Maybe because it’s not good for your skin type or maybe, you just really fell prey to false advertisements. Now here are some pimple-fighting stuff you might wanna try:

clear face gel

Sebamed Clear Face Gel 50ml

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sebamed anti-pimple cream

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These are really some good stuff that you should really try on. Inflamed pimples are healed quickly through selective drying of the pimples plus an antibacterial effect while soothing the skin. Plus, it does a very good job in combatting pimples, blackheads and skin impurities.



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