Pregnancy is the best gift ever bestowed to women. To be able to nurture and carry a fellow human being within you until he/she is ready to see the world is something not everyone is blessed to experience. Every woman and every family must always rejoice the gift of new life. And during these times, of course the mother should get the best care and full attention that she’s due, because being pregnant is also a tough, if not the toughest, experience a woman can go through, as much as it is an exciting and ecstatic one.


A happy pregnancy is more likely to beget a happy and healthy baby. So, for all the preggy mothers out there, here are some tips on helping you achieve that:


  • Keep your weight gain within the recommended range

Women at a normal weight are encouraged to put on between 25 and 35 pounds during pregnancy. Generally, you should gain only a few pounds in the first trimester and about 1 pound per week for the rest of your pregnancy.


  • Develop a healthier than usual lifestyle.

Apart from exclusively eating healthy food and refraining from vices, which is a common knowledge, you should exercise. Regular exercise reminds you of your body's innate power and usefulness and can also help you relieve stress. You'll feel better about the way you look and it will help you bounce back after delivery. 


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  • Stop worrying too much and do not try to exercise full control over your pregnancy.

Becoming a parent inevitably means giving up some level of control. When you’re pregnant, you can’t control how your body responds—whether or not you feel sick, for example, or get stretch marks. Birth itself is the ultimate exercise in letting go. Free yourself from unnecessary paranoia and trust that everything will be okay, so long as your family and friends are there to help you all throughout your pregnancy.


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