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With the current pandemic situation, most of us have been working from home, which seemed like a pretty good deal at first. You get to avoid the commute and the everyday indecision of what to wear to work. But just like what they say, if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

After months of working in lockdown, you've already figured out the downside of working remote—you perpetually have that straight-out-of-bed look. Which wouldn't be such a problem if Zoom didn't exist, and your boss didn't require you to turn your camera on. But what if you are required to show your face on camera almost every single day?

Even with Zoom's fancy feature called "touch up my appearance," there's still a tendency for your computer camera to wash you out and flatten your face. But worry not! We've locked down some easy tips to help you gain back the confidence to turn the camera on and how to look good on Zoom.

1. Moisturize

Keep your skin hydrated; doing so will keep that camera glare at bay. Choose a hydrating moisturizer that will smoothen the skin texture, reveal its radiance, and look good on Zoom. Our go-to moisturizer is Bioderma's Hydrabio Gel Cream. Its lightweight formula will intensely hydrate your skin and give you that virtual glow you've been looking for. With niacinamide and salicylic acid formula, this paraben-free and hypoallergenic moisturizing face cream works below the surface to alleviate skin dehydration or dullness. This is an effective tip on how you can look good on Zoom with minimal effort.

Bioderma's Hydrabio Gel Cream


2. Add definition to your eyes

As Tyra Banks would say, "Always smize, or smile with your eyes," even if it's just through a Zoom call. Adding volume to your eyes can make all the difference. Curling up your lashes and adding some mascara can make you look like you're ready for that big presentation in a jiffy. Woke up five minutes before your meeting? We got you! Adding some eye cream to reduce puffiness and dark circles is one way on how to look good on Zoom. Try our must work-from-home essential Neostrata Bionic Eye Cream Plus, which reduces puffiness and dark circles, as well as wrinkles.

Neostrata Eye Cream


3. Apply foundation

You don't necessarily need as much coverage on a webcam, but it doesn't hurt to want to look good at your next Zoom call. Even out your skin tone with Heliocare 360 Color Cushion Compact SPF50+. This lightweight cream formula will give you that "no-makeup" makeup look you've been searching for. The cherry on top would be its photoprotection aspect, which protects your skin against harmful lights from that constant exposure to your gadgets. The shade variety also gives you options on how to look good on Zoom and add color to your skin, which often gets lost behind those less-than-optimal house lighting.


 Heliocare 360 Color Cushion Compact SPF50+


4. Healthy lips

Adding a splash of color on your lips will give your face a fresh and prepared appearance. But seeing chapped lips across a computer screen isn't a sight for sore eyes. Make sure that your lips are hydrated before you apply your favorite shade of lipstick. Restore your lips with our ideal Sebamed Lip Defense Balm with SPF30 (in strawberry or cherry flavor). It contains vitamin E and jojoba oil, which will help you achieve luscious, soft, and smooth lips. Nail your presentation with this surefire way on how to look good on zoom.

Sebamed Lip Defense Balm with SPF30


5. Get that perfect hair

Your hair is usually what people first notice about you, following your smile—which also depends on how good you feel about your hair and overall appearance. Our hair, after all, is our crowning glory. When you have a gorgeous hair day, you instantly get that confidence boost.

But with most of us waking up minutes before our 9 to 5 remote jobs, we barely exert any effort to spruce it up. Elevate an effortless at-home look with Sebamed Everday Shampoo, which is free of soap and alkali. Its ultra-mild ingredients will give your hair the shine and volume, which are awesome hacks on how to look good on Zoom.


 Sebamed Everday Shampoo


Get ready for your next online meeting with these easy tips on how to look good on Zoom. When in doubt, we recommend consulting with a dermatologist before trying any skincare products.