Today’s standards of beauty have changed drastically, although the idea of embracing one’s body for what it is is now widely accepted. But sometimes is it really acceptance? Or just laziness?

We all have that fat kid inside. Almost every time, we want to eat at our hearts’ content and satiate our ever-craving palates. It seems that we are hungry for the most part of the day, every day. And along with always feeling hungry, we are also feeling lazy: if we ever have the free time we so rarely have these days, we would rather sit and binge-watch movies and TV series or binge-read all the books we haven’t had the time to read due to our busy school and work schedules all day rather than actually getting our lazy butts off and do something physical.

If Unpopular Opinion Puffin was to have something to say about body image, I think this is what it would most likely say:



Everyday we are fed with the idea that we should be proud of our own bodies and that we shouldn’t have to try so hard to look better than we currently are. So, we keep telling ourselves that we already are good enough. While that part where we should be proud of our own bodies is true, the other part is oftentimes just an excuse to justify our dillydallying and to go on with the easy albeit unhealthy lifestyle that we are accustomed to.

Oftentimes, it’s not our confidence speaking, but our egos. And we have such a huge room for our egos. But the thing is, our undisclosed desire to look good also shares that room with our egos. And we have let our egos speak for us for a long, long while. Isn’t it about time to stop that envy for fit people from gnawing at us and become one of them instead?

Stop being such a lazy, insecure bum and be the the best version of yourself you can be.