What exactly does heat do to our skin that seems to sap the life out of it whenever they get into contact with each other? And what would keep our skin from getting dry?

There is a thing called natural cutaneous barrier repair process or the skin barrier process.  The barrier to loss of body water is provided by the outermost layer of skin, the ‘stratum corneum’. This tissue is made up of multiple stacks of flattened cells or ‘corneocytes’, each of which is encased in a thick coating of fat or ‘lipid’. This wall – the layers upon layers of corneocytes with their surrounding lipids – provides a formidable barrier to the outflow of water from our interiors. It also produces a protective shield against the entry of noxious materials, such as bacteria or allergens, from the surrounding environment.

In the skin barrier process, the lipids are the principal players; they are the workhorses of the barrier. These lipids are unusually water-resistant or ‘hydrophobic’. They are a mixture composed of ceramides, cholesterol, and free fatty acids. Now, lipids is one of the components you won’t usually find in skincare products, and you should take note that this component is essential to sustaining the natural skin barrier process therefore helping your skin keep its natural moisture.

Here comes this groundbreaking product from Bioderma: Atoderm PP Gel Moussant. Thanks to a unique, innovative formula, Atoderm PP Gel Moussant stimulates the natural skin barrier repair process. Vitamin PP helps the skin cells to naturally produce the lipids (ceramides, free fatty acids and cholesterol) needed for effective cohesion of the intercellular cement. The dampening and moisturising active ingredients strengthen the barrier role of the lipids. Atoderm PP thus restores a comfortable moisturisation level. Atoderm PP Gel Moussant helps to restore the hydrolipidic film and restructure for severe and recurrent dryness and very dry reactive skin.


Apply this on your skin twice a day or as many times as it needs to be applied to help maintain suppleness and moisture. Of course, keep yourself hydrated always too so that you won’t feel dry from the inside out.

Say no to dry skin!




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