No one has perfect skin with zero maintenance. Models and celebrities alike all rely on a good skin care routine and expertly-applied makeup to keep their skin looking enviably flawless. So while it’s impossible to have impeccable features, you can improve your skin’s appearance and condition to be at its best form.

Here are a few common problems and how to solve them!

Problem #1: Dull complexion

Dry skin, weather changes, and stress can make your skin look tired and ashen. Regular exfoliation will help revive your glow because it removes dead skin cells and reveals the new skin underneath. Use NeoStrata Enlighten Ultra Brightening Cleanser, which contains NeoGlucosamine to gently exfoliate skin and Alpine plant extracts that make skin appear more radiant and refreshed.


Problem #2: Uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation

If you haven’t been stringent about wearing sunscreen daily, you may have brown sun spots that make your skin look splotchy. Hyperpigmentation can also occur naturally as you age, or when you experience hormonal imbalances like in pregnancy. You can minimize the discoloration with a pigment controller and an illuminating serum, both from NeoStrata’s Enlighten line. They break down existing
pigmentations so they fade away, and prevent new spots from forming so your skin has a more uniform coloration.


Problem #3: Crow’s feet

The skin of your eye area is very thin and delicate so it’s one of the first places that show signs of aging. Applying eye cream is a must for any skin regimen, so use one with antiaging benefits. NeoStrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy firms and lifts the skin for a more youthful appearance, and minimizes the appearance of fine lines or crow’s feet for a smoother look.


Problem #4: Wrinkles

Laugh lines may be caused by having a joyful disposition, but
it can be unflattering to have permanent grooves on your
skin. Stimulate your skin’s collagen production and plump up
sunken areas with NeoStrata Skin Active Cellular Restoration.
It repairs deep with the skin layers, so skin is actually as
young as it looks and feels!


NeoStrata is available from leading dermatological clinics. Always use NeoStrata products under the supervision of a licensed dermatologist.