Being a mother is no easy task. Most moms today not only put in a full day's work, but also manage to keep their households running flawlessly at the same time. Even so, most mothers feel as though 24 hours a day is barely enough time to get everything done. Here are some quick and helpful time management tips to better help moms accomplish what needs to get done each day:


1. Start Your Day Early


Even if you're a night person, it will always do you a world of good to start your day early. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than usual, so that you have a few extra minutes to enjoy the morning. Rising early allows you some quiet time to yourself before you start your day; while the rest of the household is asleep, you can go through a few calming daily rituals – you can meditate, do some yoga or light exercises, or even fix yourself a warm cuppa to help you boost your energy and start the day right. Consider setting your alarm to wake you up to your favorite song – one that will get your blood pumping and perk you up in readiness for what lies ahead.


2. Create a Calendar Using Your Smart phone


Use technology to your advantage. Install your favorite calendar app on your phone to help you keep your days organized. Calendar apps allow you to consolidate multiple schedules, tasks, and reminders so you can avoid overlapping schedules. Family always comes first, so make it a priority to keep tabs on the kids' school activities and not to miss out on any of their major milestones. Make sure to balance work and family.


3. Organize Everything the Night Before


The key to a stress-free morning is preparing for the day the night before. Check whether the kids have homework or need to turn in a project the next day – just knowing that everything is in order can, in itself, be reassuring. If you're not fond of the harrowing morning rush, adequate preparation the night before can ensure that everything will run smoothly – just as you like it. Before hitting the sack, see to it that the dishes are done, the house has been tidied up, and clothes have been laid out in preparation for the next morning. Make sure your pantry is stocked with everything you need for the breakfast you've planned. It may seem like a whole bunch of things need to be done in so little time, but adequate planning and preparation can make everything easier to handle.


It may not be feasible to complete your entire checklist on a daily basis; but at least you can get the most important things done each day.