Every year, PeopleAsia magazine compiles a list of women with “inimitable style and substance.” This year, I was fortunate to be part of this prestigious group, the Women of Style and Substance. Being with the awardees has made me reflect on life lessons I’ve learned through the years.

Just being around these driven and passionate women lifts your spirit! But more than being in awe, their company has moved me to write about values and ideals we shared. I’m glad to share these lessons with you today.

1. Persevere But Know What Really Matters to You

It’s a simple statement, yet it packs a punch.

We tend to forget our priorities especially when pursuing a new venture or when something new excites us. Here’s what usually happens when you start to build your dream business: You think about it when you wake up and before you go to sleep. You put all your energy in growing it. You start to reap the financial benefits of your efforts. At the same time, you also start to lose time for friends, family, and yourself. While financial freedom is good, it should never be the end goal.

For me, it is and always will be family. It’s friends and my staff. It’s being able to spend time with people who really matter. It’s being able to make the best beauty products accessible. Do you know what matters to you? Do you know the reason why you work hard every day?


2. Travel and Keep Growing as a Person

There’s just something about being in a different place that refreshes you. Whether it’s sandy beaches or unfamiliar city skylines, other places give you a fresh perspective and appreciation for life.


“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted,” travel author Bill Bryson said. That’s why I devote time for #nikkihearttravel.

Recently, I was fortunate to have visited San Francisco, CA. The trip allowed me to finally see Coldplay live. Their music has always inspired me and touched me, and it has always been my dream to see them perform live. That trip was a dream come true for a long-time fan. It also provided me the opportunity to quickly tour the Golden State and visit some friends there. I brought home with me the vibe of Coldplay’s music and a kind of positive energy that only travelling can bring.


3. Be Driven by Your Passion

Some people think entrepreneurs who work long hours are crazy, and are actually unproductive. It’s true that you need to rest every now and then, otherwise you’ll burn out. However, working harder than everyone else isn’t as hard as it sounds – if you’re driven by your true passion.

French designer Christian Louboutin said it best: “If you do what you love, it is the best way to relax.”

In my case, my work schedule is 24x7. That doesn’t mean I don’t sleep, it only means business doesn’t stop when I leave the office. Entrepreneurs are constantly thinking of ways to improve their products and services, and how they can better customers’ lives. And because I’m passionate about bringing people closer to products and equipment that help them look and feel beautiful, working is less tiring. Find your passion and working will feel like relaxing.

So there! Know what matters to you. Travel and keep growing as a person. Be driven by your passion. These are some of the lessons I realized after meeting this year’s Women of Style and Substance.


 PeopleAsia-2016 Women of Style and Substance

(Image grabbed from PeopleAsia Facebook page)


Apart from being recognized as a “beautypreneur” (thank you!), I am humbled to be featured with Cannes 2016 best actress Jaclyn Jose, Bataan First District Rep. Geraldine Roman, designer Maureen Disini-Teichert, and travel journalist Christine Dayrit. PeopleAsia also selected beauty queens Kylie Versoza and Maxine Medina, lawyers Karen Jimeno and Trisha Bunye-Rojas, Rustan's scion Katrina Tantoco-Lobregat, Titania Wines CEO Tita Trillo, businesswoman Sheree Chua, Right Goods Philippines operations director Kaye Zorrilla-Gamboa, model Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, and award-winning jewelry designer Anne Ong to be part of this year’s list.

Do grab a copy of PeopleAsia’s Women of Style and Substance edition. You can go to their FB page (facebook.com/PeopleAsia) to know more. Again, thank you PeopleAsia for this award.