Living the quick paced city life often leaves little time for an extensive beauty regime for all the ladies out there. But that shouldn’t mean you can’t be time-conscious and look gorgeous at the same time. As Coco Chanel herself said, “Simplicity is keynote of all true elegance.” And since less is more, here are a few brilliant beauty hacks to help you flaunt your style with ease.

 1. Petroleum Makes Perfume Linger

Everyone’s all too familiar with ‘perfume on pulse points’ rule when applying their favorite scent for maximal efficiency, so that when you walk past, you leave your presence with hardly a word. “…a signature scent is the 21st century’s way of ensuring subtle immortality,” according to Preview. Making your chosen scent last is all a matter of putting on a dab of petroleum jelly on your skin before spraying. The jelly clings on to the perfume oils and distributes it evenly throughout the day; so dab ‘em, spray ‘em and strut your stuff!


2. Homemade Thin Hair Quick-Fix

Parting one’s hair shows off a line of your scalp, and the white contrast could give the illusion of thin hair or your strands falling out from the same area. Quickly cover-up that stark line and dab eye shadow with the same shade as your hair and even out the hues.

3. Fixing Yellowed Nails

Excess usage of nail polish sometimes leaves your nails yellows like some movie monster that goes bump in the night. Well, no need to go to the salon to get a pricey mani-pedi with this homemade fix. A mixture of two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, four tablespoons of baking soda and half a cup of hot water ought to bring back the class to your cuticles.

4. From Tea Cup to Tired Eyes

A cup of tea in the morning always calms the nerves, but don’t go throwing out those used tea bags yet! If the night’s been rough and you wake up to sore and puffy eyes, let those tea bags cool a bit before popping them right over the swelling. Black and green tea contains anti-irritant properties that help with swelling and even redness and inflammation. Ten to fifteen minutes of it pressed against the skin should lessen the after effects of a bad night.

Tea Bag
5. Cheaper, Better Shaving

When it comes to shaving legs, most people go through pricey cans of shaving cream just to get rid of a bit of fuzz. Ordinary hair conditioner actually works better for the job, moisturizing the skin and preventing skin irritation as well as giving you a closer shave. Not to mention, it will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and fresh as if you were right out of the spa.

6. The Right Way to Wash Hair

Does shampooing leave your hair dry and frizzy but applying conditioner makes it limp and oily? Well, it’s time to change your shower pattern to get your locks looking their best by simply turning some steps around. Start shampooing at your scalp, working your way down. It’s oiliest there and that needs attention if your hair is the kind that tends to go greasy. Meanwhile, run in your conditioner from bottom to top, the ends of strands being the driest and in need of the moisture your conditioner gives. Start your day right and walk out of the shower feeling proper already!

7. Garlic for Stronger Nails

Constant nail-care often leaves cuticles brittle and thin, being no more than fragile canvases for flamboyance. But why compromise your nails’ health for beauty when you can make them stronger with something you have right at hand? Garlic is one of the main ingredients of commercial nail hardeners and you can get the benefits without even having to buy! You can chop the garlic and let it sit in clear nail polish for ten days; this turns it into a nail solution that’s sure to perk up your tips. Or, you can take a peeled clove of garlic and just sink the tips of your nails in them, rubbing all over the cuticles as well, getting as much of the juice on. Leave it to dry then wash off to get rid of the smell.


8. The Teaspoon Lash-Curl

Want your eyes to pop with no lash-curler at hand? Time to take note from tradition, then because Mexican women have been curling their lashes for years without having to buy a curler from the store. The solution? A teaspoon! Just place the teaspoon over your closed eye so it cups your lid, making sure that the bottom edge of the spoon should touch the roots of your upper lashes.  With your thumb, press your lashes up against the spoon, and then push the spoon edge up to the ends of your lashes.  The pressure from your thumb and the edge of the spoon will nicely curl your lashes. Top off with a coat of mascara for that brilliant gaze.

9. Petroleum Jelly as Make-up Remover

Another usage of petroleum jelly is a quick, no-nonsense make-up remover right out of the jar. It cleans off the residue and pigments from make-up safely and moisturizes your skin like it normally does. Say goodbye to stingy make-up removers and reddened skin.

10. Want Fuller Lips: Fake it or make it.

There’s two ways to go about quick, fuller lips: eye shadow or oil. Dabbing a bit of light-coloured eye shadow to the middle of your lower lips give the illusion of depth and  makes your lips fuller. Meanwhile, you can add peppermint oil to your lip gloss to plump your lips in a flash, just like expensive lip plumpers do.

Full lips


Image sources: yourtango.com, pinterest.com